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The Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certifcation Commission (SATCC) has streamlined the registration process for apprentices attending technical training.  SATCC Field Consultants will not be visiting students on the first day of classes to register them.

Apprentices will be receiving registration packages in the mail which provide all the materials required to register for technical training.  It is the reponsiblity of the APPRENTICE to complete all materials and submit to SATCC as soon as possible.

SATCC has some useful links on thier website to help apprentices complete the required documentation.

Apprenticeship Training Video /Allowance Application instructions:

Alternatively, here is the YouTube link:

There is also instructions for apprentices who need to fill out the living away from home allowance application:

All forms, including the Living Away from Home Allowance form can be found at

 Please contact the SATCC toll free at 1-877-363-0536 or at their website if you have any questions reguarding the changes. 


Prairie Arctic Trades Training Centre is the training provider for the Scaffolding, Lather (Drywall and Acoustic Mechanic) and Roofer trades in Saskatchewan under contract to the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Commission (SATCC). 

The training occurs at our facilities in Regina and Saskatoon, with the exception of Roofer, which is a distance learning program (correspondence).

Apprenticeship training is not a direct entry program but requires individuals to be employed in the trade and indentured as an apprentice.

If you are interested Scaffolding, Lather or Roofer apprenticeships, please contact the SATCC toll free at 1-877-363-0536 or at their website

Roofer Training

The program is distance learning (correspondence) with strong employer participation.  The students are assigned a mentor to oversee and sign-off on their training and actively support the apprentice through the learning process.  The students are responsible to read the material and submit examinations on a regular basis in order to complete the Level 1 in the Roofer trade.

Apprenticeship training is starting in September at our Regina and Saskatoon locations.  Below is information relevant to Scaffolding apprentices from the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship Website.


Apprenticeship Call to Training (Current Apprentices)

Review all information enclosed in your notice for training package sent to you in the mail.

Complete the reply portion and return by mail to Saskatchewan Apprenticeship immediately to confirm your intentions.

You must confirm your attendance in a course by:

     i)  returning the confirmation letter to the apprenticeship commission, accompanied by a cheque for the tuition fee for the course; or

     ii) faxing the confirmation letter containing pertinent credit card information for payment of the tuition fee.

If no reply is received within three weeks from the date on which the notice was mailed to you, another apprentice will be called to attend technical training in your place.


Technical Training


Failure to attend technical training classes may result in the cancellation of your Apprenticeship Contract.

Apprentices must attend all classes with no more than 10% absenteeism or they may be discontinued from technical training 


No apprentice is permitted to report for training on any other date than shown on the Notification for Training without prior approval from the Director of Apprenticeship, or a designated staff official.

Registration Costs

Training is funded by the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission. The cost to you, as an apprentice, is minimal.

Non-payment of fees will mean your transcript will be withheld and other disciplinary action may be taken.

Student Parking

There are no parking fees for students attending at the PATTC locations.


Books are provided for the Scaffolding program

Food Services

There are no food services available at either the Regina or Saskatoon Training Center.  Due to the location of the training centers and the allotment of a ½  lunch break, it is recommended that students bring their own lunch.  There are lunch rooms which include fridges and microwaves available for student use.

Items Needed For Training

Please check with your head instructor if you have any questions.

  •        CSA approved footwear must be worn in the shop at all times.
  •        Pens, pencils, erasers  
  •        Safety glasses with side shields, or goggles, are required
  •        Metric and imperial tape measure 
  •        Hard hat
  •        Use of a pocket-sized calculator is permitted. (Texas Instruments model TI-30XA available for purchase at training locations)
  •        Student Association fees are applicable for each level of training

Appropriate clothing must be wore while attending technical training.

Further information on technical trainng is available at the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission’s Website.